Peshawar’s High-Rise Buildings & What it Means for the Real Estate Market in the City of Peshawar

The flower town, Peshawar, is booming with new sky-building projects. Property prices are rising as the city’s investment opportunities continue to grow. Due to the increase in tourism in the north, tourists are also flocking to Peshawar reason, the city is also on its way to rapid development. The newly launched Peshawar BRT provides locals with easy access to the city by allowing for great connections. Peshawar Airport at the center of Bacha Khan Airport is one of the city’s most famous development projects that speak of its current development.

Peshawar’s High-Rise Buildings

Peshawar real estate is a dynamic and growing market that promises high returns for everyone looking to invest, and with high-rise buildings, there is something for everyone!

But realty names like Bahria Town and Defense Housing Authority (DHA) also launched their projects here. With development projects under the China Pakistan Corridor progressing rapidly, Peshawar is sure to be completely transformed soon. As employment opportunities grow, so does the need for and provision for housing units. demand, a number of vertical developments can be seen in Peshawar. A number of mixed-use buildings, offering both residential and commercial properties, can also be found in the city. These gather a lot of attention from buyers and investors alike, and here’s all you should know about what’s going on.

Peshawar’s market, much like the rest of the country, is experiencing continuous activity by genuine buyers eager to construct their own houses. Taimur Ahmad from Shabir Estate believes while investment might be below right now, it is in line with trends from the past 2 to 3 years and will pick up from the mid of January till late June. Ahmad says for genuine buyers, there is an increased demand for 5-, and 10-marla plots, and the prices of these are around 3,500,000 and 5,800,000 respectively. These views are shared by Zahid Khan Khalil from United Property & Estate Marketing PVT Ltd as well who believe the demand for houses has actually gone up while the trend is slowly moving towards apartments as well, mainly from people who move to this city looking for jobs. He also said that most apartment buyers do so because they believe apartments are a good investment option.

More About Peshawar’s High-Rise Buildings

If you too are a genuine buyer settling down in the city, this is a list of popular areas for buying houses in Peshawar. Ahmed Shafa from 5G Properties also believes the new year will usher in renewed positive sentiment and the market activity will skyrocket. However, he believes that the demand for apartments is still behind that of houses or plots as apartment living is still an urban idea for people of Peshawar who are accustomed to living in joint families.

Muhammad Azhar also from 5G properties notes that commercial activity has also simultaneously gone up and as the demand increases, many new commercial and mixed-use buildings have popped up in the city. This view is also shared by representatives from ZMN Media who believe Peshawar is bringing new projects to cater to this ever-increasing demand.

This is of course because Peshawar, the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, has always seen a lot of interest from investors and buyers and has been the place where people come to settle for their jobs.

Now, let’s look at everything that is new in this city, and that is vertical developments.

Peshawar Hieght’s

Located on Palosi Road, Peshawar Heights is a one-of-a-kind ground-and-6 story building as it is located within the educational hub of Peshawar. Peshawar Heights not only serves the residential needs of the people but also provides commercial property. options in the form of shops to facilitate its residents and visitors as well as numerous amenities.
This project is developed by a trusted developer and approved by the Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA) and offers immediate ownership. Offer is 1-, 2-, and 3-bed apartments with unmatched amenities and facilities.

Parts are available in easy installments spanning 3 years. Interested in buying? Book your apartment in Peshawar Heights now!

GEMS Tower

Gems Tower a multi-structured project launched by a trusted native developer is all set to be a top destination for corporate and retail customers looking for. Efficient workspaces and department stores in the bustling city of Peshawar. The central location of the project is near the Namak Mandi account. for the main reason behind the overwhelming, existing demand seen among investors.

This locality is expected to see 30% growth in the next three years, while the 20-30% yield is already evident. ants for the past few years.

Gems Tower is fully equipped to provide world-class facilities and amenities to ensure all office guests and business owners have a comfortable time. This project has been approved by all relevant agencies. Easy installment deals with a 30% discount on payment.

University Tower

It is one of the projects of Peshawar’s High-Rise Buildings. University Tower is a project by Skyline Developers focused on providing homebuyers and investors with a top-notch experience at a reasonable cost. The project features beautifully designed apartments, shops, and offices and is located on the 100 very famous Nasir Bagh Road which is a 100-meter distance from University Road in Peshawar. It is within walking distance of BRT Peshawar Board Station and Islamia College Peshawar, at the gateway to DHA and Legi Model Town.

This multipurpose building offers commercial offices and apartments in simple installments for over 3 years. There is an option for the balloon payment. Discounts are also available for booking some properties. Reservations must also be made at the University Tower.

LA Tower

LA Tower is Peshawar’s first luxury center that is also designed to offer shops and offices. It is approved by the Peshawar Development Authority (PDA), which makes it a very reliable investment. It is centrally located which means it provides easy access to the main arteries of the city as it is located on Main Ring Road, making it close to Saddar, Hayatabad, GT Peshawar Road, and Airport. Therefore, it promises high returns on investment. It has state-of-the-art facilities and facilities such as an elevator. Cargo lift, car park spanning 3 floors, and dedicated halls reserved for restaurants / co-working space.


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